Ios vs Android|What You NEED to Know


iOS is better than Android?

In this era of technology, cell phones are a device that holds the entire user and also enlight them with wisdom and knowledge that does help him to broaden his horizons, and achieve dreams and make this place a better world to live in.

Now, coming back to the topic, we advise you to continue with the current iOS as there are specific app data and personal data too, that gets distributed and the user faces trouble to gather them and serve himself with benefits.

As we come on a comparison, Androids are:

•    Linux based

•    Can be customized as the user needs

•    Enables Split screen feature

•    Apps are available on google play and other app stores with huge category and variety for all android versions.

•    Provide the latest software update

•    A huge variety of devices to select with various variants and different processor speed depending on the size, feature and pocket allowance.

•    The apps allow video calls over any interface with similar apps

•    People prefer Chrome as a browser

•    Androids ask for several permissions before an app starts for which the user shall be attentive before allowing anything.

•    Apps are built using C, C++and JAVA

•    Available in 100+ languages

As now Android has given the users a better experience with the latest software updates with affordable prices that the users can afford with all the latest features grabbing the mid-range users with app users 3.5million.

Though it also has Cons it’s cool to go with depending the user.

As now for iOS, we see:

•    Unix based

•    Users are set under one roof within a limited area of customization and access

•    NO split screen features the user needs to switch between apps

•    Files transfer is a bit tiring than Android and complete control of the device is not available

•    Android apps are also supported at an extent (social media and browser)

•    On downloading 3rd party apps costumers face issues

•    Users have to stick to limited variants and limited selections

•    Security is bitter with fewer bugs and malware attack

•    Users need to pay $99 every year to access iOS SDK and to get the right to publish in Apple’s app store.

•    Hardware is simple and easy to operate with good connectivity range.

As coming to the bottom line for iOS is that smartphones is popular than Tablets with limited apps access. As it gives software upgrade to all its devices but no way to increase device hardware features so the device can result in Slow speed if the hardware is old with the latest software. Adding on, the privacy controls are better than android.

After all, it solely depends on the user what specifications he needs and then choose the device wisely rather going with the crowd.


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